(ZILLI) Slip-on shoes sneakers casual intrecciato navy


(ZILLI) Slip-on shoes sneakers casual intrecciato navy  [zil02406]


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A pair of shoes with an attractive contrast between the elegant dark brown color and the material. ZILLI's attention to detail is packed with detail.
These high-cut sneakers look heavy at first glance, but because they use EXTRA LIGHT SOLE for the sole, they are lighter than you would think from their appearance. However, the sole is not made thinner to make it lighter, but it is thicker and more comfortable to wear. The inside is lined with a boa, so it's perfect for protecting your feet from the cold, especially those that get cold easily.
And the biggest point about these sneakers is how they match the luxurious crocodile leather. If it is not all croc, it is generally used on the toe and heel area, but this one also has an innovative design that boldly covers the shoelaces, making it a luxury item that is typical of ZILLI. Masu..

Made in Italy / deerskin, crocodile

SIZE 6 [ UK ] : size 40 [ EU ], size 7 [ US ]
SIZE 6.5 [ UK ] : size 40.5 [ EU ], size 7.5 [ US ]
SIZE 7 [ UK ] : size 41 [ EU ], size 8 [ US ]
SIZE 7.5 [ UK ] : size 41.5 [ EU ], size 8.5 [ US ]
SIZE 8 [ UK ] : size 42 [ EU ], size 9 [ US ]

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