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TecknoMonster Suitscase  [tec00358]


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【 Carbon body stronger than steel 】

Carbon fiber is strong enough to be used as parts of airplanes and space rockets. Compared to steel, it is said to have 10 times the specific strength and one-fourth the weight. This item is a luxurious piece that uses dry carbon for its body.

【 wheels sliding on ice 】

The sturdy wheels are based on machined aluminum metal fittings, and the tires are made of high-quality elastomeric polyurethane that resists temperature changes and is durable, and the interior uses ceramic bearings that are free from rust. These high-spec materials and manufacturing methods have created a suitcase that moves as smoothly as if it were sliding on ice.

【 Handwork that shines in detail 】

The carbon body and wheels are assembled by hand by craftsmen. The leather on the steering wheel is made of durable leather used for luxury car seats, and is hand-stitched using traditional Italian techniques. The inorganic texture of carbon and the cross-stitched leather handle complement each other for a beautiful finish. It has become.

【 Large capacity recommended for long-term business trips 】

This suitcase has a large capacity of 127 liters. What's more, it has a flat design with no handles protruding from the inside, making it easier to pack.

【 Feeling safe and satisfied while traveling like no other 】
When I go to the airport, I run into someone using the same suitcase as mine, and I almost get confused. Isn't this more likely to happen to people who travel a lot? TecknoMonster products are the complete opposite of mass-produced brands. Furthermore, the color combination of leather and stitching thread is a special specification that is uniquely selected by Ginza HIKO each time. It is very unlikely that you will come across something exactly the same. This is a high value-added item that is highly regarded in hotels and lounges.

Product Details

Carbon fiber
Calf leather

Country of origin

*Measured when placed flat. Please note that there may be slight errors.
Capacity: 75L Length: 73cm (wheels included) Width: 47cm Depth: 30cm


・Suitcase cover/TSA lock

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